Canadian Style: How to Choose the Perfect 60″ Bathroom Vanity for Your Home

One of the most important decisions when designing your bathroom is choosing the right vanity. The vanity is the bathroom’s centerpiece and is a functional and decorative element. If you’re in the market for a 60″ bathroom vanity, there are a few things to consider before purchasing. In this article; we’ll guide you through choosing the perfect 60″ vanity for your home.

Consider Your Style

Before you start shopping for a 60″ bathroom vanity, it’s essential to consider your style. Do you prefer a traditional or modern look? Are you drawn to clean lines or intricate details? Understanding your style preferences will help you narrow your options and choose a vanity that fits your aesthetic.

Measure Your Space

One of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing a bathroom vanity is incorrectly measuring their space. Before you start shopping, measure where you plan to install the vanity. A 60″ bathroom vanity is a sizable piece of furniture, and you don’t want to end up with a vanity that’s too big or too small for your space. Measure the width, depth, and height of the area where you plan to install the vanity to ensure you choose a piece that fits perfectly.

Decide on a Single or Double Sink

The next decision you’ll need is whether you want a single or double sink vanity. A double sink vanity is ideal for larger bathrooms or shared spaces. A single sink vanity is better for smaller or guest bathrooms. Consider how many people will use the vanity daily and whether a double sink is necessary.

Determine Your Storage Needs

Bathroom vanities come in various styles and configurations, so it’s essential to consider your storage needs before making your purchase. Do you need lots of storage space for toiletries and linens, or are you looking for a more minimalist design? Consider how you use your bathroom and what items you need to store to help you choose the right vanity.

Choose Your Material

Bathroom vanities can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, and glass. When choosing a material, it’s essential to consider aesthetics and durability. Wood is popular for bathroom vanities as it offers a warm, natural look and can withstand moisture. Metal and glass vanities are sleek and modern but may require more maintenance.

Select Your Countertop

The countertop is another essential element of your bathroom vanity. Popular choices include granite, quartz, and marble, but a range of other materials are also available. When choosing a countertop, consider both durability and aesthetics. Some materials, such as marble, are more prone to staining and require more maintenance. In contrast, others, such as quartz, are more durable and easier to care for.

Consider Your Plumbing

Finally, it’s essential to consider your plumbing when choosing a bathroom vanity. Make sure that the vanity you choose can accommodate your plumbing fixtures and that any necessary modifications can be made to the plumbing to accommodate the new vanity.

Choosing the perfect 60″ bathroom vanity for your home requires careful consideration of various factors, including your style, space requirements, storage needs, and plumbing. By following these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to selecting a vanity that looks great and functions well in your space.

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