How To Distinguish Between Termites And Ants?

You would have noticed at several places or even home that many insects keep fluttering around. It becomes tough to determine which insect it is. Understanding the various specifications and factors that differentiate an ant from a termite is essential.

What Are The Essential Factors For The Determination Of An Ant And Termite?

The attack of insects in your household is widespread. People tend to avoid it or tackle it with various resources. But the essential thing is to understand the type of insect and then act accordingly. The most commonly found insects are either termites or ants; detecting them is crucial. Here are 7 ways to differentiate termite vs ant factors for better understanding.

1.     The Shape Of The Body

Both insects are very much equal in size, making it difficult to distinguish between them. But, if you look at it closely, you will notice that the ant is more like an hourglass structure. At the same time, the termites have straight rectangular bodies.

2.     Colour Of The Insect

Ants are generally darker than termites. Ants are in red, black or brown colour. Termites are mostly white, pale cream colour or even transparent at times.

3.     Wing Structure

There are several variations in the type of ants and termites seen. Usually, the carpenter ants and even the termites have generally wings that help them reproduce more. Whereas flying ants have two wings to themselves, and so do the termites in that case. The size of the wings is different for both insects, whereas the branches are equal in size for termites. The wings of ants are bigger in front and smaller at the back.

4.     Habitat Or Nesting Area

Ants live in nests, and termites prefer making their homes in warm and damp places. Ants also live under the rocks.

5.     Variation In Damages Caused.

Ants and termites create tunnels to travel. Tunnels made by termites are rough and uneven. The tunnels built by ants are more polished and evenly made.

6.     The Shape Of The Antennae

The antennae play an essential role in recognizing the type. The shape of the antennae for ants is elbow shaped, whereas for termites, it is more of a 90-degree angle shape. This helps in quickly recognizing the insect.

7.     What Do They Attack Or Eat Upon

Both of them usually eat wood. But ants attack more on food items like sugar or anything sweet.

These factors will help determine the difference and instantly detect the insect.

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