How to Sell a House Through a Probate Sale with Court Approval?

You’ll need a top local agent who knows probate sales if you want to properly acquire or sell a probate house.

A skilled real estate agent will know more than just where the probate homes are. However, they are also aware of everyone’s flaws that live nearby. They won’t guarantee a quick closure on the house transaction, though. And even investors and home flippers should heed this advice.

Sell Quickly for Money

CashforMichiganHouses will Buy Houses Detroit quickly if you’re wanting to sell it for cash in Michigan.

In reality, we’ll finish it off in less than a week. Simply submit a request, and we’ll get started on the valuation.

We’ll make a hassle-free, obligation-free cash offer for your home in typically less than 24 hours.

As soon as you accept the offer, we’ll close the trade and deliver the money to you.


Because they are sold “as-is,” probate properties are extremely affordable. In other words, the deceased’s property is advertised in its current state, without any repairs or contingencies, on the local market. In contrast to selling “as is,” sellers are not required to disclose any hidden problems with the property.

In essence, no marketing is done for a house that is being sold at probate. On the plus side, it explains why you can purchase homes at probate sales for a significant discount on their fair market value.

The catch is that you will forfeit your deposit, which will be covered in more detail shortly, even if you decide to cancel after noticing significant property damage. If structural issues are discovered after the purchase is closed, it is better to forfeit the deposit than to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Anyone may submit an offer the moment the residence goes on the market. However, in addition to their offers, buyers must also send a 10{75bba7d97979bcc7050ca2cba71c7c988cfc53ae3868129c592f968107ec6c50} non-refundable (if approved) check deposit. Although it is not a down payment, this deposit will increase the value of the home when it is sold.

A warning is also in order: even if an inspection reveals damage to the residence, you will forfeit your deposit. If structural issues are discovered after the purchase is closed, it is better to forfeit the deposit than to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In a probate sale, you cannot ask for any form of contingency. But you may and ought to conduct a house inspection. An abandoned probate home can have problems that could end up costing you more than the original purchase price.

It’s a Waiting Game

I’ll say it again: after accepting the first bid from the listing, a probate sale with court approval formally starts.

The judge will then select a date for the sales confirmation or trial hearing in court. All parties interested in bidding may return once a court date has been determined. You may receive a discount of up to 40{75bba7d97979bcc7050ca2cba71c7c988cfc53ae3868129c592f968107ec6c50} off the fair market value when purchasing a home in a probate sale with confirmation. You may also go to Sell Your House Fast Detroit online.

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