The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Narrow Staircase

If your home has a narrow staircase, it can be tricky to design and decorate to maximize style and functionality. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything from choosing the suitable colour scheme and lighting to selecting the perfect furniture and decor pieces. Get ready to transform your Narrow Staircase into a stylish and practical masterpiece!

Ideas For Decorating A Narrow Enclosed Staircase

Refrain from being alarmed if a wall encloses your staircase or is gloomy and without windows. We offer advice based on our years of interior design and stairwell design knowledge.

·        First, Smart Lighting

Clever lighting is one of the most straightforward and seamless ways to make a tiny area appear more prominent. Unobtrusive ceiling lighting may brighten a dim, confined stairway and create a welcoming atmosphere. Lights mounted on the walls or stairs can generate a subtle glow if you want to try something different.

·        Hanging Ornaments

A tiny staircase may appear different by including hanging decorations in various ways. A Narrow Staircase wall lined with images or photographs adds a lovely aesthetic and improves the interior design. Important to calculate and measure when hanging images on the walls of your staircase. Ensuring each image is at eye level when climbing the stairs is a good idea.

·        Painting Techniques

A new coat of paint can radically alter how a space feels. Consider repainting any gloomy hallways with a light colour to open up the space and make it seem airier. Painting the exterior wall of the room a darker hue and the walls around it a lighter tone can provide the appearance of more significant space in a tight corridor with a staircase.

·        Be Mindful Of The Stair Riser

Though it’s sometimes overlooked, the riser is one of the numerous components of a staircase that may be decorated. You don’t step on it; it’s the vertical portion of the stairway between the horizontal treads. If you’re feeling adventurous, take off the risers to give the steps more room. If this is not possible, painting the treads in the various colours of the risers is a great alternative.

·        Cover The Stairs With Wallpaper

A quick and straightforward approach to add design flare to a staircase wall is to hang wallpaper on the stairs. Bold patterns may create a lively ornamental mood, or a feature wall in a solid colour might serve as an arresting focal point. Additionally, wallpaper can be textured for a distinctive look that deflects attention from a stairwell that seems claustrophobic.


Don’t let a narrow staircase prevent you from creating a stylish and functional space in your home. From clever storage solutions to innovative lighting ideas, there are many ways to maximize your limited space. Following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can create a beautiful and practical staircase that works for you and your family. So why wait? Start planning your new narrow staircase today!

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