Top 5 Professional Curtain Cleaning Methods

A room looks complete with curtains. The drapes hanging on the doors and windows do a lot for you. They absorb the dust particles, maintain your privacy and make the room look cosy and stylish. No matter which types of curtains you use, it is necessary to keep them clean. Filthy curtains can harm health. Curtain maintenance isn’t difficult because you can book curtain cleaning in Sunshine Coast at reasonable prices. Check out the popular techniques used by the experts to clean the drapes:


Are your white curtains turning yellow or brown? It could be due to dust particles stuck in the threads of the curtains. It is necessary to clean the curtains regularly with a vacuum cleaner. But people often neglect to vacuum due to busy schedules.

Dust particles not only snatch away the shine of the curtains but also impact human health in many ways. The dust particles are food for the microbes known as dust mites. The mites survive on the curtains and their droppings act like allergen for the humans. Not only humans but for pets also face difficulties due to dust mites. Skin rashes, skin allergies, breathing problems and many other symptoms are experienced because of dust mites.

In professional curtain cleaning in Adelaide, vacuuming is considered the first step. The vacuum cleaners used by the experts are different from the ones that everyone uses. The HEPA filters in the industrial-grade vacuum cleaners are quite powerful and they can suck the minute particles and other allergens easily.

Whenever you feel that the weather is dusty and the wind is making the curtains dirty, seek help from experienced cleaners.

Dry Cleaning

As the name suggests, this process does not require water. The curtains don’t get too wet because the stains and dirt particles are removed easily by a dry-cleaning solvent. This solution is considered the safest option for the curtains.

This curtain cleaning in Brisbane method is preferred by the people who have expensive and delicate curtains. Water should not be used to clean curtains made of silk, velvet, leather, or other materials because it causes colour bleeding and shrinkage.

In the dry-cleaning process, the curtain cleaning in Canberra experts rubs the dry-cleaning solvent all over the curtains. With gentle rubbing, the solvent gets infused with the threads of the curtains. So, the dirt mixed with dry cleaning solvent or powder becomes visible on the surface. The entire residue is collected at the end with a vacuum cleaner.

So, there is no need to wait for the summer season because dry cleaning is a perfect choice for all the seasons.

Steam Cleaning

Oily hands, pet dander, rainwater, food sauces, coffee and many other things leave horrible spots on the curtains. Also, the humidity, darkness and dust particles lead to the growth of germs and pests on the curtains. Steam cleaning is a famous curtain cleaning Melbourne method that is trusted by experienced cleaners in the industry.

The steam penetrates to the depth of the curtains and ensures the destruction of the germs like bacteria, viruses, dust mites, etc. The stubborn stains on curtains disappear magically when steam is used for curtain cleaning.

This curtain cleaning Canberra method is trending these days because of the minimum use of chemicals during the process. To rinse the curtains, a steam cleaning machine is used by the cleaners. Only top-notch machines are used by the experts.

There are two compartments in a machine for water and a cleaning agent. The water boils to generate steam. These water vapours are used on the curtains to eliminate stains, odours, germs, pollutants, and much more. If you are suffering from asthma, skin problems or any other disease, you can depend on this method as it is safe for your health and the environment.

Hot Water Extraction

It is an ideal process of curtain cleaning in Brisbane used by experts to remove dirt and germs. People frequently misunderstand the distinction between steam cleaning and hot water extraction. Water vapours are used in steam cleaning, while hot water is used for hot water extraction.

In this advanced process, a hot water extraction machine is used from which water continuously and with force is extracted. The stains, grime, oils, grease and other dirt particles are pulled out easily by this machine.

Hot water is also an effective disinfectant. It kills the germs and makes the curtains suitable to use. Worried about the mess created by the water? Well, the cleaners always provide you with two options. One is on-site cleaning and another one is off-site cleaning. If you don’t want the curtain cleaning Adelaide experts to work at your home, then they can even take the drapes to their cleaning centre.


It is a traditional yet effective method of curtain cleaning. In this process, lots of water is required. The cleaning detergents are used to produce rich lather on the curtains. The draperies need to be washed with lots of water after the application of the shampoo.

People love this method because it can remove debris easily from the curtains. The odours and stains can be eliminated with this curtain cleaning Melbourne procedure. But this method has some drawbacks as well.

The curtains need more time to become dry. Chemical residue may leave behind if washing is not done properly. Washing the blinds or curtains at home in the washing machines may not give great results. To avoid these side effects, you can take help from professionals.


Both human activities and environmental conditions can cause harm to the curtains. Spots, mould, bacteria, viruses and many other issues can sustain in a curtain, if not treated on time. The methods used for curtain cleaning in Gold Coast are listed above which will be beneficial in eradicating almost all the problems. So, hire professionals whenever your curtains require thorough cleaning sessions.

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