3 Ways to Care for a Grass Carpet in Singapore

You would think carpets may have fallen out of fashion, but you’d be mistaken. You can still find a great carpet supplier in Singapore that boasts many modern carpet types suitable for any home. Carpets are even making a comeback in residential and commercial spaces.

If you want a taste of the outdoors without leaving the safety of your home, you can find a carpet option that simulates it. Grass carpets can look like the real thing at first glance and are not even half as difficult to maintain. They may arguably be faster to clean than the standard carpet tiles in Singapore you see in offices or hotel lobbies.

Here are a few tips you can follow when cleaning grass carpets!

1) Spray spots with gentle solutions

If you see spots of dirt and grime that you cannot remove, do not resort to stronger methods. Spray the area with a mild cleaning solution and scrub carefully until the spots are gone. This will increase the longevity of your carpet.

2) Wash your carpet at least once a month

Do not use strong chemicals as this can ruin the colour and appearance of your grass carpet in Singapore. Let it sit with mild detergent and use plain water. Turn on your water rinser (use a garden hose, pipe or sprinkler) and gently rinse until all the dirt falls off your carpet.

3) Do not use too much water or water pressure

While washing your carpet is crucial, water can also ruin the look and feel of your grass. Avoid using too much water and wash as necessary only. Also, too much water pressure can quicken the process of your grass carpet in Singapore degrading.

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