4 Maintenance Tips For The Awning Roofing In Your Singapore Home

Roofs are integral components of houses. They provide homeowners with protection from extreme heat, strong winds, and harsh rains and allow them to experience comfort while staying in their dwellings. But sometimes, roofs are insufficient to provide residential establishments with shade and shelter. Fortunately, awning became widely available in Singapore.

An awning is a canopy or covering that attaches to the house. But unlike aluminium, metal or polycarbonate roofing, it sticks to the side of a structure. They can have a cotton, acrylic, or polyester canvas that receives support from steel, aluminium, iron, or even wood frame.

If you plan on getting an awning for your Singapore home, you should learn how to look after it to prolong its lifespan and maintain its appearance and functionality. Scroll through to learn a few tips to help you care for your awning.

1.  Avoid Harsh Scrubbing Or Cleaning Products

Like outdoor roller blinds, an awning cannot stand harsh chemicals and rough scrubbing. Since it has a textile material, you will only need to brush it lightly with gentle detergents or dish soap. You can also refer to its manufacturer’s instructions to learn how to clean your awning roofing.

2.  Have A Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning your awning once is not enough to maintain its functionality. Grime can accumulate on its surface a few weeks or months after you wash it, which should prompt you to clean the awning in your Singapore home again.

3.  Do Not Use Heat

As much as possible, avoid using heat after cleaning your awning roofing. Hot water and direct dry heat can damage its surface and cause it to get torn and develop holes—impairing its appearance and functionality.

4.  Repair Holes And Tears

As soon as you notice a hole or tear on your awning roofing, take it down and use repair tape to cover it. Moreover, learn how to prevent awning damage from recurring and do your best to keep it away from branches and building elements with sharp edges.

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