What Could Solar Energy Do for You?

100{75bba7d97979bcc7050ca2cba71c7c988cfc53ae3868129c592f968107ec6c50} renewable and safe, solar energy is the green choice for anyone concerned about protecting the planet and preserving it for future generations. Not only that, but having solar panels installed on the roof of your home or business, could help save you money on your utility bills and with a battery backup system, could even make you totally grid independent.

What is solar power?

Typically used to generate electricity in homes and businesses, solar power is a renewable resource that forms an integral part of a cleaner, greener future for us all.

Now for the science bit…

Every particle of sunlight that reaches our planet contains energy to fuel the world. Ultimately responsible for creating all of our weather systems and energy sources, in theory, enough solar radiation hits the Earth’s surface every hour to fulfil the worlds varying energy needs for an entire year!

Just as with any star in the galaxy, the sun is similar to a huge nuclear reactor, and deep in the core of the sun, nuclear fusion reactions produce vast amounts of energy that radiate from the surface of the sun into space, as light and heat. When this power from the sun’s rays is harnessed, it can then be converted into energy for domestic, commercial and industrial use, using photovoltaics or solar thermal collectors.

While solar energy currently accounts for a tiny fraction of overall energy use globally, with the cost of panels decreasing exponentially, more and more individuals and business owners are able to take advantage of solar energy for themselves.

What are some of the main benefits of using solar energy?

There are a good number of advantages to be gained from having a solar panel installed at your home or business, and here are just a few:

  • It can significantly reduce electricity bills
  • 100{75bba7d97979bcc7050ca2cba71c7c988cfc53ae3868129c592f968107ec6c50} renewable, solar is environmentally friendly
  • Individuals and business owners can become energy independent
  • Solar power is sustainable
  • Panels require minimal maintenance
  • Solar energy can be stored using a battery and used at a later time/date

Solar power can also help you out in the event of a power outage, and in some areas of the country where these are frequent, a solar system can prove immensely beneficial. By using all the solar energy stored in your battery system, you can continue powering your home or business while the rest of the neighborhood is in darkness.

For more incredibly tempting reasons to make the switch to solar, chat to a local solar panel provider and installer, and schedule a free consultation, today!

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