4 Signs Your Home Needs Roof Waterproofing And Repair In Singapore

All house components require homeowners like you to follow specific maintenance procedures to keep them functional and prolong their lifespan. Your floors need regular cleaning, your walls need an inspection for cracks, and your roof needs waterproofing and repair now and then.

But since home canopies are not in every householder’s plain view, residents often fail to notice that their roofs are in terrible shape. They only consider getting roof replacement and waterproofing services in Singapore if their home coverings were torn because of strong winds, toppled lampposts, or fallen branches. To help you learn when to fix and protect your roof, look for these four signs indicating its need for repair:

1. Dripping Ceilings Or Walls

If you have noticed a water leak in a wall of your home, get repair services as soon as possible to prevent it from causing structural damage. Your roof may have holes and fail to keep water from flowing into your dwelling.

2. Rusty Roof

Rust is the most prevalent enemy of metal canopies. They can weaken your roof and keep it from protecting your home from natural elements. Fortunately, you can replace your metal roof and get waterproofing services in Singapore to prevent future rusting.

3. Saggy Canopy

Saggy ceilings are clear indications of roof damage. The top part of your home may be wet because your canopy is not fulfilling its job of protecting your abode from heavy rains. Thankfully, getting roof leakage repair and replacement services in Singapore can fix the problem.

4. Increased Electricity Bill

If you noticed a significant increase in your recent electricity bill, cold air from your AC unit could leak through the holes in your roof. Your walls may also be damaged due to water seepage, causing them to get cracked and fail to contain cold air. If you think canopy damage is the primary cause of your high bill, you could seek help from roof and wall leakage repair and replacement professionals.

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